» Trump is a double Russian/U.S. agent … Independencde Day

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Trump is a double Russian/U.S. agent …

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Trump is a double agent.  Actually, he is a triple agent.  O.K., he is a quadruple agent.

OK, OK, OK, get back! Open the back door.  Hurry!!!!!

Actually, he is a 195 multi-agent (just check the grocery barcode on the back of his neck. He also has a tattoo on his arm which says “America First”). There are 195 countries in the world and he wants to set the example for all of them.

Trump wants to take democracy to the next level. Away from the selfish, greedy, corrupt, pedophilia perverts who ran this country before Trump got elected.  Pedophilia-gate: Satanic rituals, child sacrifice and the eating of child body parts. Podesta and friends.

It’s time to kick-ass, friend, remember the movie “Kick Ass”? By the way, it was a stupid costume, but he had a pure heart.

Whose ass should you kick? Let’s start with the Clintonian Democratic Party. That party is now the communistic party.


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