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Trump: The Anti-Global Warming President

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President Trump recently took steps to dismantle the environmental regulations that contain and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Among the steps he has taken are the following:

  1. Trump’s order instructs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rewrite former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), which would have limited the emissions of coal-powered power plants.
  2. Lifts the moratorium on federal coal leasing, repeals limits on methane emissions from fracking, and directs the agency to reconsider the Social Cost of Carbon and the National Environmental Policy Act guidance on greenhouse gas emissions.

The party of big business, the Republican Party, has always resisted governmental attempts to regulate carbon producing industries. You may recall Trump’s newly appointed Director of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, sued the EPA 13 times on behalf of Oklahoma’s fossil fuel industries while attorney general. In fact, during his campaign for president, Trump repeatedly called for an abolition of the EPA stating the environment would be just fine without it.

The Republican Party does not adhere to the findings of most climate scientists and even in light of an alarming melting rate at the North and South Poles, they do not agree this has anything to do with anthropogenic climate change (climate change due to human activity).

The bottom line? Environmental regulations reduce profits.


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