What’s it like being a life-long Democrat?

What’s it like being a life-long Democrat?

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I was born into a Hispanic immigrant family. My grandparents were loyal Democrats, Catholic and greatful to America for taking them in. I remember a picture of Kennedy on my bedroom wall along with pictures of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, and the Trinity.

About the age of 25, I stopped going to church and became an independent voter.

That does not mean I lost my spirituality or political activism. To me that meant creating a direct channel to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without a corrupt church that considers itself as infallible. It is also a pedophile infested organization.

It also meant that I started looking at the candidate’s qualifications and voting records, not the party and its platform. Let’s be honest people, the Democratic Party of the John F. Kennedy years is not the party of the Clinton/Obama years.

The Clintons have plundered our treasury, while Obama invited Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood into every facit of American society.

Democrats, please wake up. Support your president, who is under attack day and night because he wants to rid our country of peversion, greed, and empower the poor and middle class once again. If you don’t like Trump, at least respect the Office of the Presidency.

Don’t be like my grandparents who questioned nothing and believed the lie of equality. They needed economic security and being in America provided that, but they were not privey to the manipulations of an economic system akin to slavery during days of free labor in our colonial history. It exists still.

Gracias queridos abuelos. creo que me han dado mis valores.

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